News 2’s Cory Curtis NFL Power Rankings for Week 13

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(Graphic: WKRN)

It’s NFL Power Rankings time once again! I’m happy to report that a level of “normalcy” is prevailing both at the top and especially the bottom where a familiar face has once again laid a solid claim to “worst team in the NFL!”

32. Cleveland Browns – The Clowns lost only the way they can Monday night by having a game winning kick turn into a game winning TD for the other team. Now with Josh McCown out they’re faced once again with starting Johnny Party-Time at quarterback. Hello 1st pick of the draft!!!

31. San Francisco 49ers – Somehow they played Arizona tough, but this is Blaine Gabbert we’re talking about here…

30. Dallas Cowboys – Winless without Tony Romo and guess what? He’s done for the season. 3-13 is in sight.

29. Tennessee Titans – The losses are painful but they’re right in every game now which is a huge step forward. At some point they have to win them though! Also, Marcus Mariota can tie Peyton Manning’s rookie record with 1 more game this season with at least 3 TD passes. He has 3 of them.

28. Philadelphia Eagles – They are in a freefall. That defense is horrendous and their QB play isn’t far behind.

27. Baltimore Ravens – Kudos to Jon Harbaugh for winning a game with Matt Schaub throwing Pick 6’s. He’s automatically a candidate for NFL Coach of the Year.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Just when we were ready for the Jags to take a step forward they lose at home to the Chargers who NEVER win on the East coast…

25. San Diego Chargers – They finally won a game, but they’re still banged up and that defense still… Yeah, it stinks!

24. St. Louis Rams – It’s starting to feel like the end of the line for Jeff Fisher. Another coach falling to the “No QB” curse. It’s now been established neither Case Keenum nor Nick Foles can save a coach’s job.

23. Miami Dolphins – I don’t think firing the offensive coordinator will give them the juice firing the head coach did.

22. New Orleans Saints – Now the defense isn’t alone in struggling. If the Saints can’t score what can they do? They can lose… A lot.

21. Atlanta Falcons – They are in a death spiral. Turnovers have just been crushing as they dropped 5 straight after starting 6-0.
I never would have thought Matt Ryan would struggle like this, especially with Julio Jones on the roster.

20. Oakland Raiders – The Raiders got a gift in Nashville and four of their wins are over the Titans, Browns, Chargers and Ravens who are a combined 11-33…

19. Detroit Lions – They are rolling! They’ve won 3 straight and the Jim Bob Cooter era is upon us! Matt Stafford looks reborn under Peyton Manning’s right hand man.

18. Buffalo Bills – Finally got a big game from Sammy Watkins but a team that prides itself on defense couldn’t hold a lead.

17. Tampa Bay Bucs – Jameis Winston continues to play well despite Mike Evans refusal to catch his passes. Lovie Smith has done a nice job in year 2.

16. New York Giants – Too many blown 4th quarter leads and now a bad loss at Washington. It’s adding up to a disappointing season.

15. Washington Redskins – Suddenly one of the better home teams in the NFL. They’ve won 5 straight at home and QB Kirk Cousins hasn’t thrown an INT in that stretch.

14. Chicago Bears – They continue to play well. That win in Green Bay was a stunner on Thanksgiving and watching their defense slam the door on Aaron Rodgers in the final minutes was impressive.

13. Indianapolis Colts – I just don’t get it.

12. Houston Texans – Revenge of the AFC South! That’s right 2 teams over .500 and they both could make the playoffs!!! The Texans defense has found its groove.

11. New York Jets – Ryan Fitzpatrick… Most prolific passer in Jets history…

10. Green Bay Packers – They are really struggling. They finally got Eddie Lacy going but it still wasn’t enough to put points on the board. They’ve scored 16 or less in 3 of their last 5. That’s unbelievable with Aaron Rodgers running the show.

9. Seattle Seahawks – Another team bit by the injury bug. Marshawn Lynch was down and now Jimmy Graham is too.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers – Still love their offense but Big Ben is getting hurt too often.

7. Kansas City Chiefs – My Super Bowl pick is in rally mode with 5 straight wins!!! They’ve gone from Jamaal Charles to Charcandrick West to Spencer Ware at RB and remain unphased.

6. Minnesota Vikings – Defense and running the football, it’s a pretty simple formula. Adrian Peterson leads the NFL with 1,164 yards rushing and he’s got 5 more games…

5. Cincinnati Bengals – TE Tyler Eifert leads the NFL with 12 TD receptions this year. The next closest is Brandon Marshall with 9. That’s not that close…

4. Arizona Cardinals – Still rolling along, but now they won’t have Chris Johnson until the Super Bowl if they can make it.

3. Denver Broncos – It’s all about being a team and running Gary Kubiak’s offense now. Putting the offense on the arm of a guy who could no longer throw like he wanted to was not the recipe for Super Bowl success. Still, does anyone believe Brock Osweiller can do it come playoff time?

2. New England Patriots – I’m starting to think the NFL should reduce the schedule to 12 to 14 games… Pats are just one of the team ravaged by injuries. Gronk, Edelman, Lewis… That’s a problem.

1. Carolina Panthers – Still undefeated and yes, I’m saying it, looks like they could stay that way. Last 5 opponents are the Saints, Falcons x2, Bucs and Giants. Anyone betting against them?

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