Propane gas leak may have sparked massive Murfreesboro house fire

Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A propane gas leak may be to blame for a house fire in Rutherford County early Monday morning.

Fire officials told News 2 possible fumes were ignited when the homeowner lit a candle.

When firefighters arrived at the Shady Lane home, fire and smoke were raging.

Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

The fire was so intense and massive that firefighters from all Rutherford County fire departments responded.

“We toned the whole county out for any available firefighters to show up, because out of a while the firefighters start getting exhausted,” Rutherford County Fire & Rescue Chief Larry Farley said.

Volunteers from as far away as Almaville and Eagleville responded to the scene.

Since Eagleville Fire had to come across the county, they had to call Williamson County Fire to cover for them, just in case.

Luckily, there was no other fire in the county at the time.

“We would have been in bad shape because all of our manpower was here,” Farley said.

A family of five was standing outside when crews arrived.

Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

The fire chief said the home owners told him they smelled, what they thought was a dead animal, and lit a candle to get rid of the smell, which proved to be disastrous.

“Evidently, they had some type of gas leak, propane leak, when he lit the candle it ignited,” Farley said. “It actually snigged his hair, but everybody was ok. He and his wife and kids made it out safely.”

The house sits on a hill, and trying to water to the fire, even with a hydrant yards away proved to be difficult.

“Being up on this hill, like it is, you have a lot of water issues with the elevation trying to pump water up the hill,” the fire chief said.

It took firemen about an hour to put out the blaze at the 5,000-square-foot home.

Firefighters were able to save a lot of the family’s personal items.

Chief Farley said if you suspect you have a gas leak, get it repaired immediately, because it could prevent an explosive situation.

“If they have gas, propane or natural gas and smell a funny odor, call your gas company,” he said. “Check that your water heater, stove, anything you have on gas is operating properly.”

The American Red Cross is assisting the family.

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