8 pies stolen from well-known Nashville pie shop

Sweet Creations pies
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – His name is Herman Patton, but people around town call him The Pie Man.

Patton’s Sweet Creations pecan and sweet potato pies have a following around Nashville.

He’s been honored in local papers and you can even find his homemade pies in local grocery stores, and Patton often gives out his pies for free just to brighten people’s day.

Sweet Creations pies
Photo: WKRN

But Thanksgiving weekend, someone took his pies without asking.

“Someone took the liberty of kicking out our window and helping themselves to some pies,” said Patton.

The Pie Man retraced their steps.

“They had to come in through this window right here with tremendous force. They had to really hit that window to get it out. Then they had to step over things,” he told News 2. “They came in; they didn’t move nothing over here.”

Sweet Creations pies
Photo: WKRN

“They didn’t every try to open the cash register up; it is all about the pie. There is a pie burglar out there,” he continued.

The thieves stole about eight pies and caused almost $1,000 in damage to his store.

As a result, Patton had to close his shop on small business Saturday.

Now he has a message for the thieves who stole his pies.

“Come on back and get you a pie out of my hand. Get you a pie out of my hand like anybody else, and just be humble enough to ask,” said Patton.

Patton told News 2 he is staying positive and will be up late baking pies to re-fill his shelves with his sweet creations.

Right now, police do not have any suspects in the case.

Sweet Creations is located at 901 Monroe Street in the Germantown area of Nashville.

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