How long should you keep Thanksgiving leftovers?

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – By now hopefully, you’re settling into a food coma. But don’t forget to put your leftovers away. Many Americans are probably wondering the same thing: How long will those leftovers be safe to eat?

First things first: Don’t leave the food out for more than two hours. It could spoil, so be sure to put it away.

A good rule of thumb for refrigerator storage is one to three days. Most of your meats, your potatoes and your pies can survive in the fridge for that length of time.

But food can last much longer in freezers. Pies can last one to two months in the freezer while turkeys can last two to three months.

And if you love potatoes, you’re in luck. You can keep them frozen for 10 months to a year.

But eating the same thing can get boring, so spice it up a little. “We save everything forever. And if you’re tired of the turkey you make turkey a la king. You make something of it. You make sandwiches. It doesn’t go to waste,” Jim Torpie said.

“Make some turkey soup, some turkey turnovers, leftover stuff, sandwiches,” Joan Dudley said.

The experts say it’s best to carve your turkey and cut it up into small pieces before freezing it.

And some items, including pies, may have a change in texture after a few days, but that shouldn’t affect the taste.

Bread can last one to two days in the pantry, but it may be best to freeze it.

Try these simple tips and make Thanksgiving last much longer. Although, depending on your guests, these tips may be moot because there may not be any leftovers to save.

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