Woman saved from car dangling above creek recalls her experience

(Courtesy: The Newman Family)

WOODLAWN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A woman, whose car dangled over a raging creek after a near-head-on collision in early November, is thankful to be alive this Thanksgiving.

The Montgomery County woman recalled the terrifying moments after the crash where only a small tree and a Good Samaritan prevented her car from plummeting 20-feet down into the creek.

Tanya Newman, 38, of Woodlawn, thought she would be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital because of her injuries, but doctors released her Wednesday afternoon.

“It is a blessing,” Newman said.

On a day set aside for giving thanks, she said she has so much to be thankful for.

“I’m in a lot of pain, but at the same time that pain let me know I’m still alive and I’m still here,” she said.

Newman was involved in a horrific crash on Blooming Grove Road in Woodlawn, a road she’d traveled quite frequently.

According to a crash report, State Troopers said her car veered into the path of another, but that’s not how she remembers it.

“They were in their lane, I was in mine, and it was almost impact before I knew anything,” Newman said.  “It was just boom, impact!  They had a dog in the car that was distracting their driving.”

She was trapped in her car, a 1992 Honda Accord that she only owned for three days, dangled over a creek. The only thing preventing it from tumbling was a small tree.

“My car was basically right at the point of falling over a very steep embankment and into a raging creek at the time,” Newman said.  “I just threw my hands up to God and said God please help me.  I knew one of two things was going to happen, either it would be my time to go and my suffering and anxiety would be over or they would be able to rescue me from the vehicle.”

“God gives his battles to his strongest soldiers,” family member Zack Grimes said.  “I didn’t know if was going to be okay, she was screaming and sounded like she was in a lot of pain.”

Her family is thankful for the nurse who never left her side, and to the Good Samaritan who risked his life tying a rope from his truck, to Newman’s car, so it wouldn’t fall.

“The car was like a pendulum, it was just ready to go off in that creek at any time,” family member Tim Newman said.  “I feel like it’s by the grace of God that she’s still here.”

Troopers said the other driver could face charges of driving on a revoked license, filing a false report, open container, no insurance, and due care.

They could also charge Newman with failure to provide insurance, driving on a suspended license, and due care.

“I’m not going to comment on that without speaking with my attorney. The car was insured, I didn’t have the paperwork available,” the victim said.

With broken bones in her foot and leg, and fractures in her face, she is just giving thanks knowing she almost didn’t make it, and now facing mounds of medical bills.

“Christmas is going to be scare for my children this year, but I know that my kids would take having nothing for Christmas rather than having to go to a gravesite,” Newman said.

Newman is not out of the woods yet; she has a long road to recovery and still has to have more surgeries.

Doctors told Newman it will possibly 6-months before she can walk again, and then she will have to go to rehab.

Newman has insurance, but the family is in the process of setting up an account for donations to help pay her portion of the medical bills.

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