JOE BIDDLE: Jags took bite out of Titans season

Tennessee Titans Generic
(Photo: WKRN)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WKRN) — It was there for the taking for both teams.

Jacksonville made the game winning plays, sending the Titans back home with a stinging 19-13 defeat that dropped the Titans deeper into the AFC South’s cellar.

Jags quarterback Blake Bortles had more receivers than the Titans’ depleted wide receiver corps.

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota did all he could do, but once again the fourth quarter pierced the Titans’ heart.

The Titans has the final possession, but it was a long shot with a long field and no time outs. The odds proved to be too much for the Titans to overcome.

A costly reception and ensuing fumble by Titans tight end Phillip Supernaw proved costly. It was the 10th turnover by the Titans offense in the fourth quarters.

You can’t even beat a team that was only one win better by making costly turnovers.

It has been the Titans Achilles’ tendon and it proved so once again.

The Titans defense held up its end of the rope, but give the Jaguars credit. It was a must win for them, playing at home.

With the win they move to 4-6, inching closer to AFC South leaders Indianapolis and Houston, both with 4-5 records.

It is the worst of all NFL divisions, but someone has to win it and make the playoffs.

At least these two teams made a game out of it after a first half that likely had those NFL fans who bothered to watch it on the NFL channel hitting the off button on the remote.

The first half could not have been more boring. But what did you expect from two AFC South bottom feeders?

Both teams were feeling each other out with game plans more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.

The 6-6 halftime score brought back memories of some of former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher’s games.

The first half failed to produce any long gainers, on the only televised NFL game on the planet. Hopefully most NFL fans forgot there was a Thursday night game. They didn’t miss anything, but some sleep on a school and/or work night.

If they stayed to the end just for pleasure and with no dog in the hunt, I contend these are people with either questionable fantasy teams or no life.

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