Very windy & wet weather ahead Tuesday-Wednesday, but not traditional severe weather

Winds could still cause problems; rain could be hazardous on roadways

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) —  Wind: On Tuesday winds will increase to 15-25 mph from the southeast and south, and by the late afternoon and overnight hours into Wednesday morning, some gusts could go as high as 35-40 mph.

These winds will be what we call “non-thunderstorm winds” as they will be due to a strong pressure gradient (difference in pressure) across the mid south. Nonetheless, these types of wind gusts could bring down tree limbs and even a few power lines. Also, motorists who drive high profile vehicles, and construction workers on rooftops should exercise caution.

Occluded front
Occluded front

There will be rain and a thunderstorms moving across the area on Wednesday, but we are not expecting severe weather in the form of tornadoes. The reason? The front will be what we call an “occluded front” which happens when the cold front overtakes the warm front, shunting the warmer air to the south.

Rain: This system looks to be very wet. We are probably looking at 1.5″-2.5″ on Wednesday. The RPM model from our weather graphics company (we call Predictor) is showing just shy of 2″ in Nashville, with up to 3″ amounts near the Tennessee River. The GFS model is showing 3″ amounts from Nashville westward, with 2″ readings to the east. The flood potential is low since the month has been relatively dry so far, BUT ponding of water on the roadways on Wednesday could cause driving issues and hydroplaning on the roadways, so be careful!

RPM Model rain totals for Wednesday
RPM Model rain totals for Wednesday

11-16 GFS

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