Murfreesboro neighborhood on alert after dog shot, killed with arrow

Mimi (Photo: WKRN)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Border Collie that had already been abused and shot with a BB gun before being rescued died after being shot with a bow and arrow Saturday in Murfreesboro.

The dog’s owner, police and Animal Control are trying to figure out who would commit such a heinous act.

Hiromi Sato, of Murfreesboro, said like clockwork, she normally brings her two dogs to this wooded area behind Evergreen Farms Subdivision near Cason Trail to walk and play freely.

“Around 2 o’clock every Saturday afternoon, it was our routine,” Sato said.

But this past Saturday, the dogs were running around in an open field when she lost sight of them, and then heard ear-piercing noise.

“She just screamed twice, but her voice was something I never heard from her,” Sato said. “I immediately knew she got injured.”

Her Border Collie named Mimi was found with an arrow lodged into her left side. She later died.

“I didn’t know she had gotten shot with a bow and arrow until I got close to her, and I screamed,” Sato told News 2.

Sato is not sure if someone was hunting deer, and neighbors said no hunting is allowed on the property.

“I got to hope this is not a psychopath trying to shoot animals or hurt people,” she said.

That’s why other dog owners in the neighborhood are also concerned.

“It’s scary for my three dogs and my son. We all kind of walk around here, and it’s scary something like that could happen,” dog owner Cathy Storms said.

Monday afternoon, an Animal Control officer was taken to the spot where the dog was found.

“I saw her lying down in the middle of this path,” Sato told the officer while pointing at the spot.

According to officials, it appears to be a broadhead arrow. Police were out Saturday and took it as evidence.

“It was awful,” Sato said. Mimi was a rescue dog and had already been through a lot.

“When we adopted her five years ago, my vet says she has a mark where she got shot with a BB gun and she was abused,” she explained.

Sato said she’s still traumatized about what happened, so she won’t be bringing her other dog back here anytime soon.

If caught, the person who shot the bow and arrow could be charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

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