Firearms stolen from Hendersonville gun store

Guns and Leather burglary
Courtesy: Owner Dennis Williams

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Firearms were stolen from a Hendersonville gun store on Sunday during a burglary.

Hendersonville police said it happened at 5 a.m. at Guns and Leather on Main Street.

Security cameras caught the burglary as the suspects rammed a stolen car into the glass doorway to gain entry. Their clothing concealed their identities.

Guns and Leather burglary
Firearms were stolen from a Hendersonville gun store on Sunday during a burglary.

The store’s owner told News 2 on Tuesday that about 16 guns were stolen.

“It was a quick in and out,” owner Dennis Williams said. “I think they were inside the store less than 30 seconds and the police arrived on site about two minutes after the alarm went off.”

Police said as many as four men may have been involved.

According to police, the suspects drove away in a stolen silver Mitsubishi Montero, which was later found abandoned not too far from the gun shop.

Police said they are concerned the stolen guns will end up in the wrong hands.

“They started in the wrong hands when they left here,” Williams said. “The people they are going to sell them too are obviously the wrong people that you don’t want to have these things.”

Hendersonville police said they will be working with the Metro Police Department to determine if Sunday’s incident is related to two recent gun shop burglaries.

“Of course the method of operation are very similar. We do have people that are ramming cars into the front of stores and then going in and collecting guns inside,” Sgt. Jim Vaughn told News 2.

Anyone with information or who can help identify those responsible is encouraged to call the Hendersonville police at 615-822-1111 or the Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-573-5400.

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