Connecticut pizza stealing dog in viral video teaching fire safety

(Courtesy: WTNH)

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – A viral video of a dog nearly burning down a house in Waterbury is now being used around the country to teach fire safety.

The video shows three dogs left alone with a couple of pizzas on a stove. One of the dogs jumped up to take a sniff, and wound up turning on the cooktop. The pizza box burst into flames.  The homeowners, Gary and Katie LaClerc were in the next room with guests. They threw the burning box on the floor and put it out with water.

“I knew one of the dogs did it, obviously because the pizza was on the stove.  The other two knew better but I should have known that the puppy would be the culprit” said Katie LaClerc.

Among those who saw the viral video, Wolcott Fire Marshal Jim Frageau.

“Id like to definitely use it for training for teaching people that you’ve got to think fire prevention every day because it happens that quick,” said Frageau.

The video is also being used by the National Fire Protection agency.

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