Substitute teacher fired for ‘inappropriate’ comment on police officers in Sumner County

Beech High School
(Photo: WKRN)

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A substitute teacher was fired for anti-law enforcement comments she made in a Sumner County classroom.

The teacher was let go Wednesday morning after allegedly making those disparaging comments in front of students studying government.

According to a police officer whose son is a senior in the class, the substitute said all cops are criminals and they wake up every day wondering how many people they are going to kill.

That account was confirmed to News 2 by Sumner County Schools’ Public Information Officer Jeremy Johnson.

“She made an inappropriate comment to students in a class. It was about police officers, and it was not representative of what the administration or the school system believes,” Johnson said.

The parent and police officer also told News 2 that his son and another student, also the child of a law enforcement officer, were upset by the teacher’s remarks and left the class in protest.

According to Johnson, the principal immediately investigated, spoke to the class, and escorted the substitute teacher off campus.

“Obviously her statements are not reflective of the opinions of the administration here at Beech High School or Sumner County Schools,” he added.

Johnson continued, “We’ve always enjoyed a really excellent working relationship with our law enforcement agencies and we are very grateful to the men and women who serve in law enforcement because they keep our schools and our communities safe, so we felt the comment was completely inappropriate to say to a bunch of students, and that is why she was terminated.”

School officials say the fired teacher had taught 50 times this year in the school system without incident.

When asked if her message to the students was possibly misunderstood, Johnson said, “No. In the context of our administrator’s investigation, we felt it was an inappropriate statement in a classroom setting, conveyed a message that we didn’t want to convey, and that is why we terminated the sub.”

News 2 spoke with the teacher briefly Friday morning and she had no comment.

The teacher has no prior disciplinary issue, according to Sumner County Schools officials.

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