Virginia town holds Halloween ‘do-over’ for child with brain condition

(Courtesy: WRIC)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Sunday may not have been October 31st but for one group of kids it was Halloween.

Dylan Lipton-Lesser suffers from Hydrocephalus. He had brain surgery just before Halloween, meaning he had to miss out on trick-or-treating. On Sunday, he had a Halloween do-over.

Dylan or should we say Elvis Presley in Jailhouse rock, per his Halloween costume, was all smiles as he went trick-or-treating in a school parking lot.

“Dylan unfortunately had an emergency brain surgery right before Halloween, and we had done all this planning and he had finally figured out what candy is and found out he loves candy, and we had been practicing trick or treating and he knows how to say treat and candy now and then he had this emergency brain surgery and ended up in the hospital.” said India Lipton, Dylan’s mother.

So mom decided, now that Dylan was feeling better, to gather as many members of the community as possible and have a trick or treating event right out of their trunks.

“Once I decided to do it I said you know there has to be other kids that also missed it that were in the hospital with us or really just had a bad day and couldn’t go out or just have special needs and just don’t do trick or treating like other kids do,” said Lipton.

About 20 families created that Halloween magic that typically only comes once a year.

“It’s a once a year thing so you do all this planning, you get the costume, you get the candy and then something happens and so that’s where we were like you know what we’re not the only ones so we decided to make it an event,” said Lipton.

And the turn out was more than anyone could have asked for.

“Im just amazed, I am just so overwhelmed that so many people cared enough,” said Lipton.

Dylan has had 22 brain surgeries now but Sunday will certainly be a day he will not forget.

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