Dogs rescued from S.C. flooding placed in Tenn. forever homes

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dozens of dogs rescued from the devastated flood zones in South Carolina now have forever homes.

We first told you about these dogs about a month ago, The Nashville Humane Association made some room and now only a few are still up for adoption.

The water devastated entire neighborhoods in South Carolina, from homes to businesses, that included local animal shelters.

They were overwhelmed with damage and strays and the Nashville Humane Association had just the room they needed.

The staff just needed 24-hours’ notice and they were ready to open their doors to these two and about twenty others that were on a bus bound for Nashville.

Nashville Humane’s Kenneth Tallier says, “Once you have a home here, you have a home here until you get adopted out. So when you have a great adoption weekend like you did this weekend where 74 got adopted that means there’s room for 74 more dogs to move in. It’s just one of those cases, we got the room we take them in.”

They arrived with great temperaments and in good shape.

“They were really happy to end their road trip and find some bushes here in our yard and be like okay we’re home now let’s mark the place,” says Tallier.

Now it seems dozens of Middle Tennessee families couldn’t resist their good attitudes.

More than 20 dogs came in the doors and 18 have walked out to their forever homes.

In just three weeks Rufus and Huck are the only two left and it’s doubtful they’ll be calling Nashville Humane home much longer.

“They’re both sweethearts,” says Tallier. “Rufus is a bit of a tease. He’s loves his belly rubbed. And then Huck is a little bit more laid back and he is very chill for a one year old dog.”

All of the Middle Tennessee families who are now home with dogs from South Carolina have told Nashville Humane their four-legged family members are adjusting well to their new homes.

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