30-year-old lives with seniors; Studies how to connect them with loved ones via technology

(Courtesy: WDTN)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – An Ohio assisted living facility welcomed a much younger member this week as he worked to better understand the needs of the elderly in today’s society.

For five days, 30-year-old Mike Eidsaune called Brookdale Kettering home, learning how to best incorporate technology into their lifestyle so loved ones are closer.

When Michael Eidsaune moved in on Sunday, he said he “Officially became the youngest ever resident here at Brookdale,” since his new neighbors are roughly 50 years older than him on average.

“I really feel like I’m part of the group now, if that makes sense. But it’s been a lot of fun,”said Eidsaune.

In a world that now revolves around technology, anyone you want to get a hold of is just a few touches of a smartphone or tablet away, but many of these residents are just getting the hang of the Nintendo Wii.
Eidsaune is looking to change that.

“The unfortunate part about that is, although it makes it really easy for the outside world to communicate, it leaves these folks outside of that circle,” Eidsaune said.

As the president of CareMonster, an app developed to help families manage care for loved ones – it markets itself as “Simple enough for older folks and fast enough for younger ones!”

“The next step in our product evolution is to create a bridge to the residents here so the families can share that and communicate with the resident as well,” said Eidsaune.

Through chats and several cups of coffee, Eidsaune said he’s learned a lot and has made several friends who he is ready to get to work for.

“The people here, they love the sense of community, they love the staff and they love each other – it’s a family, a new home for them. But they’re still longing to connect to the outside world and to connect to family with what’s going on,” Eidsaune said.

Brookdale Kettering invited Eidsaune as part of its Entrepreneur in Residence Program.

He said the opportunity to live with people he’s trying to help was too good to pass up.

The CareMonster app can be downloaded on any smart device.

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