Tennessee couple finds success with bottled drink mixes

Walker Feed Co
Photo: WKRN

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Entertaining friends and family can get stressful, but a local husband and wife developed a product to make hosting a bit easier.

Like so many small businesses, Nashville’s Walker Feed Co. started with friends socializing in the kitchen.

“I like to set up a Bloody Mary bar with all of the accouterments. They would come over and I would have everything set out, and they’d say, ‘Hey Kristin, that Bloody Mary was really good! Will you please make mine?’” Kristin Walker told News 2.

Walker Feed Co
Photo: WKRN

She said she ended up sitting back by the bar making everyone’s Bloody Marys.

Walker figured there was an easier way to spend more time with her friends.

She decided to bottle her beloved Bloody Mary mix so everyone could pour their own.

Walker’s husband Cody, who was never a really big Bloody Mary drinker until now, jumped on board.

“We had a ton of friends over to try it. We even sent one friend out to Steeplechase with it and said, ‘Don’t tell anybody whose mix it is or what it is. Just see if people like it,’” Chris Walker said. “And they loved it!”

So in 2013, Walker Feed Co. was born. They source their ingredients locally to blend a high-quality, all natural, uniquely southern mix.

Walker Feed Co
Photo: WKRN

“Our three Southern ingredients, which is what really makes us unique, are bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire, creole mustard, and black strap molasses,” Walker said.

The Walkers have now added new mixes, including a red and white Sangria, strawberry rhubarb and blackberry margarita, and honeysuckle sour mix made with local honey.

All of the mixes are produced, bottled and labeled right in Lebanon, Tennessee.

“From the festivals we go to, to the local purveyors, the local retailers, we’re a very tight-knit community,” Walker said. “There are a lot of us, but everybody knows each other, so being local just supports the whole community.”

Walker Feed Co. also offers rimmers of raw sugar, sea salt and a popular hot sea salt made with Nashville Hot Chicken seasoning.

They will be at the Crafts and Drafts event Saturday at the Nashville Farmer’s Market from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Click here to find where you can buy their mixes.

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