Driver posts sign demanding road repair on Lebanon Pike

Lebanon Pike

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Drivers on Lebanon Pike in Donelson near Jackson Downs Drive saw a new sign posted in the median, posted by what appears to be a frustrated driver.

The sign reads: “ROAD REPAIR CALL TDOT 615-350-4400 3100 Bl. Leb. Pk. Fix the Road. Fix the Road.”

The phone number on the sign is for the maintenance department at the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Photo: WKRN
Photo: WKRN

Next to the sign is an area of Lebanon Pike that is slightly sunken. News 2 checked with TDOT and the agency said that is a common condition after repair crews cut into a road to make repairs to utilities underground.

“Our maintenance forces would take care of potholes,” Director of Communication and Community Relations B.J. Doughty said via email. “It’s on our list to fix.”

Drivers on Lebanon Pike told News 2 the road is not perfect but not as bad as other road conditions around Nashville.

“It could probably be a little smoother, especially after the last winter,” Julie Bandy said. “I don’t think they fixed all of the pot holes perhaps.”

Stephen Anderson commutes on the road every day and his major complaint was not the road condition, but instead traffic congestion.

“Congestion is terrible. I have lived in California, Atlanta and Florida,” Anderson said. “I would say Lebanon Pike down here is some of the crappiest I have had in a long time.”

News 2 found out from TDOT that there is no major widening or improvement project planned for Lebanon Pike.

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