2-year-old Tenn. boy’s costume inspired by Disney movie

Courtesy: Ashley Davis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 2-year-old boy’s Halloween costume is inspired by the a popular Disney movie.

Angler Davis has trouble walking independently and gets around with the help of a walker.

His mother, Ashley Davis, said that he has been using the walker for about 6 months and is getting closer to walking on his own each day.

(Courtesy: The Davis Family)
(Courtesy: The Davis Family)

“I think he doesn’t realize that he’s any different from anybody else,” said Ashley Davis.

For Halloween, Angler’s parents said they wanted him to feel comfortable with his walker, which inspired his costume – Carl, an elderly balloon salesman, from the movie “Up!”

Dressed in a cardigan, glasses and a bow-tie, Angler is all smiles as he stands with his walker adorned with colorful balloons.

“We didn’t want him to feel like he couldn’t run around and trick-or-treat like the other kids just because he uses a walker,” Davis told News 2.

They were worried that no one would know what his character is and that he would be seen as just a kid with balloons, but the popular movie character is wildly known and those balloons are helping lift little Angler’s spirits ‘Up.’

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