Updated: Remnants of Patricia to bring heavier rain to Middle Tennessee this week

Major flooding likely Texas/Louisiana, we'll monitor it here

Although there will be scattered light rain showers Sunday and Monday, the remnants of Patricia are expected to bring heavier rains to Middle Tennessee by Monday night, Tuesday, and the first half of Wednesday.

Through that time period, we could see 2 inches plus of rain from the system as it combines with a cold front moving in from the west.

Posted below are 5 day rainfall totals from two computer models, the European and the GFS. What I’ve always taught is that you should take away “generalities” from long range forecasts from computer models, instead of “specifics”. That means we should be ready for some heavy rain Monday night-Wednesday morning. It may not be as bad as what Texas has had, BUT we could still see localized flooding and of course ponding of water on roadways.

We’ll keep you posted on News 2 and online at wkrn.com/weather.

10-25 Euro

Rain Estimates From GFS Model
Rain Estimates From GFS Model

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