Homecoming queen scores game-winning field goal

(Courtesy: WIAT)

WEST BLOCTON, Ala. (WIAT) — High school students all over Alabama work to make their dreams a reality on Friday nights — the players, the band, the cheerleaders — everyone has a role.

Occasionally, you come across someone like Jodie Farnetti who has all the stars aligned on a special night.

The story looks like so many others under those Friday night lights — a cheerleader wins homecoming queen. But to get the full story, you have to go back to Jodie Farnetti’s childhood, when she was 10 years old going to work with her dad, the West Blockton coach.

“Everyday I had to stay for football practice and I just kicked and I just kicked because I loved it, it was awesome to do something different,” Farnetti said.

Gregg Farnetti, the West Blocton head coach said, “It’s kinda been a little inside joke that one day she may kick for the West Blocton Tigers.”

The idea was planted and she kept practicing as she got older.

PHOTOS: Homecoming queen kicks field goal

Jodie Farnetti became a varsity cheerleader and was nominated to the homecoming court, but she still wanted to fulfill that promise she made to her dad as a little girl.

“The boys would practice and I would have to wait on dad to get done so I would just go down there and I’d kick and I’d kick,” Farnetti recalled.

The players gave the okay; the kick would come during the homecoming game, on the night Jodie was crowned homecoming queen.

Farnetti said “Dad this will be your first year escorting a football player for homecoming court, he said that’s right. I had to walk out there in my pads and everything which made it special.”

The moment of truth came, and the kick was true. The moment was captured forever. A dad, a daughter, two warrior hearts melted by their love of winning and for each other.

“He’ll never have a son, every day I’m sure dreams of having a son that will be able to play football. Now he can say that, my daughter kicked in a game that we won in. Its just very special,” said Farnetti.

Jodie is a senior and her dad is retiring. Their only game together was his final home game as West Blocton’s head coach. The coach will spend next year watching Jodie do one more thing — play college softball. She recently committed to Wallace-Hanceville.

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