36 animals found in 2 Tenn. homes in ‘extremely neglectful’ conditions

Weakley County animal rescue
Martin, Tenn. (Photo: Animal Rescue Corps)

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly 40 animals were rescued from two different homes the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) says were “in extremely neglectful conditions.”

One home was in Martin, Tennessee, and the other in Gleason, both of Weakley County.

PHOTOS: Animals rescued from 2 Tennessee homes

Weakley County animal rescue
Martin, Tenn. (Photo: Animal Rescue Corps)

At the property in Martin, responders found 19 dogs, including young puppies, loose around a single-wde trailer without adequate food, water or shelter.

The dogs were all “extremely dirty” and suffered from parasitic and flea infestations, according to ARC.

In Gleason, five dogs and 12 cats were found outside in pens and on chains. The cats were running loose.

None of the animals had adequate food, water or shelter, the ARC reported, and the majority were lacking human socialization.

Since the animals wouldn’t readily come to people, responders worked through the night and into the early morning to safely and humanely capture them all.

“These animals’ physical and emotional needs have been severely neglected and they have been breeding unabated,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “But their lives have changed for the better and we are looking forward to giving them much-needed care and attention and seeing them become happy, healthy, loved family members.”

Weakley County animal rescue
Gleason, Tenn. (Photo: Animal Rescue Corps)

The rescues came about after the ARC was called on by the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department due to complaints from neighbors.

All 36 animals were taken to an emergency shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee. The rescue was dubbed Operation Seasons Change Part 1 for the rescue in Martin and Operation Seasons Change Part 2 for the rescue in Gleason.

Each animal will receive a thorough veterinary exam, appropriate vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatment.

ARC will provide daily care until the animals are placed with responsible shelter and rescue organizations that will ultimately adopt them into loving homes.

For people wishing to foster or adopt, ARC will publish its list of shelter and rescue placement partners on its Facebook page once the dogs are transferred to these groups. Click here to visit the page.

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