AC units inspected, cleaned at Williamson County’s office complex

Air conditioner
Photo: WKRN

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Air conditioners were replaced, filters were changed, and a building was inspected for signs of trouble in Williamson County.

This weekend, maintenance teams and HVAC experts went through the second and third floors of the county’s complex on West Main Street after a worker got sick.

According to coworkers in the county clerk’s office, a long-time employee is very sick. They’ve been told she has Legionnaires’ disease, which is spread through contaminated air conditioning.

The coworkers also told News 2 the woman’s medical chart indicates she may have contracted the potentially deadly disease at her place of business.

The woman reportedly worked next to a floor air conditioner that the coworker’s describe as filthy.

“When the lady got sick, all they did was replace the filter in the one unit that was leaking, not the other units. It looked horrible; even the maintenance guy was like, ‘This hasn’t been changed in years,’” one coworker told News 2.

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson said the source of the worker’s infection is not yet known, but he has ordered the building be tested as a precaution for employees and citizens who use the building each day.

“We’re not trying to say we don’t have a problem,” the mayor told News 2. “We’re trying to find out where the source is coming from. It’s important we get it right and make sure we don’t have it, any kind of problems, down there at all.”

Once he learned of the sickness and the possible link to the clerk’s office, Mayor Anderson said he took immediate action, bringing in the crews and experts to check all the AC units.

“We cleaned the coils of the HVAC systems and rooftop units on the second and third floors,” he said. “They cleaned 22 fan coils in the perimeter of the offices and the lunch room on the second floor.”

Anderson noted, “We found a low to moderate amount of buildup on the coils but nothing unusual nor a concern.”

Mayor Anderson also told News 2 they were assured by the public health department they are taking all the precautions necessary to satisfy the employees and taxpayers who come into the building so that it is safe.

“And if it is not, we will correct it,” he concluded.

The mayor is optimistic the building will be given a clean bill a health after speaking with the health professionals.

The county clerk’s office was tested Monday night by an independent testing agency. Samples were taken and cultures will be grown. The mayor said the results will be known within 14 days.

Anderson told News 2 the preliminary indication is nothing abnormal or out of the norm was discovered by the testing group.

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