Blind dog tied to chain for 3 years finds forever home in New Mexico

Courtesy: WRQE

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – After months of waiting, a blind New Mexico dog, who was chained for a majority of his life, has a new home.

The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months before the good news came Raj’s way.

“As I saw him, I just knew he was my puppy,” said Alex Goslow.

Raj, 4, hasn’t had an easy life.

Workers at Animal Humane said Raj was tied to a chain for at least three years in a yard in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

At one point, they said he and two other dogs he was living with were poisoned. Raj was the only one to survive.

His heartbreaking story led to international stardom.

He was featured on and a news outlet in the United Kingdom, but not even that got him adopted until recently.

“When I saw him and just the video and how he behaved and how happy he was despite any vision it seemed like really good fit,” said Raj’s new owner Alex Goslow.

Goslow and her boyfriend saw KRQE’s story about Raj and the video Animal Humane made about him online. After that, they were sold.

“The next day we decided to go to Animal Humane and we picked him up,” said Goslow.

Since then, Raj has gotten comfortable at his new home.

When he’s not running around in the backyard, he’s snuggled up to his new parents.

Goslow said it’s a perfect fit for a dog that has been waiting a long time for a family to treat him right.

“I think the world is a better place with Raj in it, so I am glad we could provide that for him,” she said.

Goslow and her boyfriend have added a doggy door at their house for the Raj.

They say he is now a pro at going in and out on his own.

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