Nashville woman goes to claim lost dog, finds it was euthanized

Nashville dog euthanized
Courtesy: The Mabry family

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A lost dog ended up with Metro Animal Control and was put down days later before the owner arrived to claim her pet.

Janet Mabry, the dog’s owner, wants to know why.

“[My daughter] made fliers to go and stick out on all the telephone poles to try to find her,” said Janet Mabry, the dog’s owner.

Nashville dog euthanized
Photo: WKRN

It has been more than a week since her pit bull Sadie Mae disappeared, and her 6-year-old daughter still doesn’t know she won’t be coming back home.

“How do you go about telling a child that their dog got put down?” said Mabry. “That’s awful.”

The mother told News 2 she left Sadie outside tethered to a chain when she went to a store. Fifteen minutes later when she returned, Sadie was gone.

Sadie Mae didn’t have a micro-chip but was wearing a collar.

“It’s my understanding [that] when she was found she didn’t have it,” Mabry said of the collar.

A rescue group volunteer found Sadie at an east Nashville park and brought her to Metro Animal Control two days later. That was Thursday.

On Saturday, Mabry found out her dog was there through a Facebook page called “East Nashville & Inglewood Lost and Found Pets.”

Nashville dog euthanized
Photo: WKRN

However, at that time, Metro Animal Control was already closed and wasn’t reopening until Tuesday morning.

Mabry said she went there as soon as it opened.

“They told me that the dog had been put down,” she said.

News 2 asked the director with Metro Animal Control, Lauren Bluestone, why it happened.

“This wasn’t an easy decision for the staff and this certainly isn’t an easy situation for the owner and the family, and we do apologize,” said Bluestone.

But she said they were following the law. BlueStone said Sadie came in as a “stray” Thursday with no identification. According to an ordinance, “Any unlicensed dog that is impounded shall be kept for period of three working days beginning with the date of seizure.”

Bluestone said before Mabry showed up Tuesday morning, Sadie was euthanized because she was deemed “unadoptable.”

Nashville dog euthanized
Courtesy: The Mabry family

“The dog has gone through our behavioral evaluation and unfortunately the dog did not pass one of the areas,” said Bluestone. “In this case, it was fairly severe and therefore euthanasia was the appropriate route.”

She explained to News 2 Sadie had “severe dog aggression” and failed the test because she attempted to attack another dog. Mabry told News 2 her dog was sweet and never showed those signs of aggression.

“This month alone we have taken in 607 animals. Our goal is to get the animals in through the building and out as quickly as possible so we do not have to un-wantingly euthanize for space,” Bluestone explained.

She continued, “We want to make sure that there is an appropriate determination, which means we do want to evaluate all these animals, which was done in this case, so it’s really important to the staff. And even if an animal does fail, these decisions are not taken lightly at all.”

Bluestone recommends filing a lost pet report with the city if your pet is lost. Click here to see the form.

The lost pet reports are checked before animals are euthanized.

Bluestone also suggests calling Animal Control and leaving a message.

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