Mother of boy who died 15 years ago doesn’t want body exhumed

(Courtesy: Brent Cooper)

MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 learned Monday the mother of a 15-month-old boy who died nearly 15 years ago does not want his body exhumed.

The current Maury County district attorney, Brent Cooper, wants to find out what happened to Jeffry Skaggs.

He died in 2001, and according to court papers, his mother’s boyfriend said the toddler fell off his bed.

At the time, the medical examiner ruled the death an accident, but he was later stripped of his license after years of complaints, and investigators, as well as doctors, said there were suspicious signs.

In the petition to dismiss the request, it states” [She] prays that this child be permitted to rest in peace and that his mother be left alone to continue to grieve for the loss of her son without the interference of a government that inexplicably waited 14 years to bring this request.”

Since the mother has denied the DA’s petition to exhume the body, a hearing will be set to determine how to move forward in the case.

A previous attempt to exhume the toddler’s body in 2001 by the Hickman County District Attorney was denied by a judge who said the paperwork was filed in the wrong county. According to court documents at the time, the toddler’s mother didn’t want it to happen then either.

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