Tennessee firefighters help battle California wildfires

california wildfires

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee firefighters are joining thousands of others from across the country on the front lines out west in California as they work to save lives and property.

A group of men from our state’s forestry team used their vacation days to help California firefighters fight some of the biggest wildfires they’ve ever seen.

Not only do they have to use their vacation days, they have to pass a physical fitness test to be able to go.

The volunteers must be able to walk three miles in 45 minutes while carrying 45 pounds on their backs.

This year, the group recently flew in near Redding, California, and got to work.

They were a big part in prepping the land the fire was headed for and making sure nearby homeowners were prepared for the situation.

For weeks at a time, the firefighters go without showers and live in tents surrounded by smoke.

Nearly every state sends dozens of firefighters to help fight the devastating fires in California.

Without their help, California firefighters would be left to battle the flames on their own.

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