Mom of Murfreesboro teen who disappeared 16 years ago wants closure

China Videon
Suzanne Videon (Photo: WKRN)

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – There are possible new leads in an old missing person case in Rutherford County.

The missing teen’s mother is now hopeful those new leads will result in the case finally being solved.

News 2 confirmed on Sept. 8 that cold case detectives from the sheriff’s office visited Goose Creek, South Carolina, the weekend before, searching for evidence in the China Videon case.

Last week while on vacation in France, Suzanne Videon received word that detectives decided to take a second look, with a fresh set of eyes at her daughter’s cold case.

China Videon
Courtesy: The Videon family

“All I know is they’ve reopened it and started working on it,” Videon said.

China went missing on October 19, 1999 after going to get groceries. She was a 16-year-old student at Riverdale High School.

Her car was found abandoned eight months later at an apartment complex in Nashville near Interstate 24 and Harding Place.

“It seems like it’s been a long, 16, torturing years, actually,” Videon said. “She’s deceased; I felt it when it happened. It was in the middle of the driveway by the gas tank and I felt it.”

The mother continued, “It was 7:50 that night. I felt it. I can’t explain that. It was something that went from my head, all the way through my body down to my feet.”

Since the 16-year-old’s disappearance, there have been very few clues for investigators to go on.

China Videon
Courtesy: The Videon family

“It’s an open wound still,” Videon said. “You wonder everyday what really happened and how it happened, and if you ever will find her remains. There’s no body that’s been found at this time.”

Rutherford County detectives put up fliers with the teen’s picture in Goose Creek asking folks to call the homicide unit with information.

All they’ll say at this point is the persons of interest are “Chris” and “TJ.” Further details have yet to be released.

“Because you don’t know how it happened or what happened,” the mother said. “It makes you wonder how much she suffered, and how someone could do that.”

Videon is hopeful that her daughter’s cold case can be solved, so she can close this chapter of her life.

“You want some closure and some justice served,” she told News 2.

China Videon is 5 feet 3 inches tall with a pierced belly button and several piercings in her ears. She also has a butterfly tattoo on her right hip and a scar on her right knee.

Anyone who sees her is urged to call 1-800-THE-LOST or the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office at 615-904-3046 or CrimeStoppers at 615-893-STOP.

China Videon
China Videon at the time of her disappearance and a 28-year age-progressed photo (Courtesy: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

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