Cummins Falls State Park offers stunning views of waterfalls

cummins fall
Photo: WKRN

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Every Monday, News 2’s Paige Hill shows us some great places you may want to visit across the Mid-State during Middle Tennessee Mondays.

This week, News 2 headed east to Cummins Falls State Park.

Just over an hour outside of Nashville, the falls is a great way to take advantage of the upcoming cooler weather.

The adventure starts out with a hike down a trail. You have the option to hike to the overlook which is great for pictures, or hike to get up close and personal.

Things get slippery as you make your way down the path, so be careful.

Hikers are also encouraged to pack light because you will need your hands free to navigate around the cliffs and boulders.

Keep going down or follow the crowd and as soon as you might be a little out of breath, and a little sore, you will see the beautiful waterfalls.

The falls is just north of Cookeville near Old Gainesboro Highway.

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