Wilson County schools receive mold report

(Courtesy: Wilson County Schools)

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Wilson County Schools received its most recent mold report last week for Watertown Elementary School.

Mold assessments on September 9 and 14 showed no disease-causing or toxic-producing molds were amplified in the indoor environment.

The issue was discovered in July after the air conditioning system broke, causing a moisture problem in building “A” of the school.

(Courtesy: Wilson County Schools)
(Courtesy: Wilson County Schools)

Mold remediation companies removed all of the mold, but as a precautionary measure, students in the affected buildings were moved to other buildings, the school system said.

Teacher supplies were moved into a small gym at Watertown Middle School at the end of business Friday.

The Wilson County Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright said taking those steps cleared areas for a contractor to demolish the old HVAC systems and install new ones.

“We are working on quotes to remove the carpet from the office area and library with vinyl composite tile, as well as working on quotes for painting the classrooms,” she added.

The contractors will also remove the ceiling tiles, wipe down the ceiling grids and replace the tiles once the new HVAC systems are in place, a release stated.

“At the conclusion of the new installation, all ductwork will be gone except for the office area, which will receive new ductwork because it has internal rooms,” Wright explained.

She added that information wasn’t immediately released because, “mold remediation is something we have done to some degree every year in every school, as is the case in districts throughout the country. To us, it was business as usual, because we knew the students were never in any danger. The mold that was initially found was just beginning to form, and cleanup was done before students started to school in August.”

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