Sheriff’s office attends trooper’s funeral thanks to neighboring county

Jan 18, 2015 graduation. Trooper Ponder is on the top row, fourth from left. (Courtesy: Kentucky State Police)

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WKRN) – Law enforcement officers from all over Kentucky and the United States traveled to Elizabethtown for the funeral of Kentucky State Police Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder.

Ponder was assigned to the Trigg County area, where he worked with deputies on a regular basis.

So when all the Trigg County Sheriff’s Office deputies wanted to attend the funeral, they needed help covering their watch.

The neighboring Christian County Sheriff’s Office stepped up to help out.

Joseph Ponder, 31 (Courtesy: Kentucky State Police)
Joseph Ponder, 31 (Courtesy: Kentucky State Police)

“We’re here to just basically make sure that everything stays quiet until they can get their officers back from the funeral,” said Christian County Detective Captain Chris Miller. “They worked with him quite a bit. They worked with Trooper Ponder almost on a daily basis. So we wanted to make sure they were able to go to the funeral and pay their last respects.”

Schedules were moved around and a handful of deputies patrolled and covered calls in Trigg County starting at 5:00 a.m. Friday until the regular deputies returned from the funeral.

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