Fight on Maury County schools bus caught on tape

Maury County school bus fight
Photo: WKRN

MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A concerned parent sent News 2 video that shows a violent attack on a Maury County School bus.

A student on the bus captured it with her cell phone.

The video shows a student wearing a blue shirt striking another student six times in the video.

News 2 contacted the Spring Hill Middle School principal to find out what is being done about the incident. She referred News 2 to the school board for comment.

The district’s director of communications, Kim Doddridge, declined an on camera interview but sent News 2 the following response to our questions.

Question: What disciplinary actions will be taken against the student?

Answer: Maury County Schools does not release student discipline details or records. The student in question has been dealt with according to Maury County School Board Discipline Policy.

Question: Is this the first time the student has attacked another student in the bus?

Answer: The district would not release previous discipline actions. The link below has our discipline policy, page 334. (Click here to view.)

Question: How did the bus driver respond to the situation?

Answer: The school bus driver was at a stop on his afternoon route. He diffused the situation and secured the bus, making sure all students were safe. And, of course, MCPS administration and law enforcement were immediately notified.

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