David Fox asked to take aim at his own political ad

David Fox
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s the kind of ad that has gotten a lot of attention both pro and con in the Nashville mayor’s race.

Probably no political commercial anywhere has seen a candidate confront a person in a fox outfit.

Nashville mayoral candidate David Fox does just that while evoking the name of his opponent.

David Fox political ad
David Fox’s recent political ad

“He’s protecting Nashville from Megan Barry,” says Fox in low drawl, reminiscent of a movie star Matthew McConaughey in a recent car commercial.

While greeting voters on election day eve, Fox said his campaign manager Chris Turner dreamed up the ad.

“Fortunately it did not require any great drama on my end,” Fox told reporters. “This has been a long campaign and viewers have gotten kind of a gutful of all the politics of it. We thought of something to cut through the clutter and put a little humor in there.”

Not seeing as much humor was his opponent Megan Barry, who was shaking hands in the battleground areas of north Nashville.

Have people been asking her about that fox ad?

“Actually not a lot,” she laughed. But I understand there is a person running around in a fox costume. Clearly he is trying to communicate a message and it involves a fox.”

She was not asked any more about the ad.

It was clear she has given no thought of finding a costume that reflects her last name.

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