Country legend Charlie Daniels’ to release new CD, DVD in October

Charlie Daniels

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – At nearly 79 years old, Charlie Daniels is bringing his live performance to fans with a new CD and DVD.

The man known for his fiery fiddle is striking a chord back where he first got his start – in the honky tonks.

“Main thing you learn, you learn to entertain people. You learn what works and what [doesn’t],” Daniels explained to News 2.

Daniels spent more than a decade mastering his trade in the bars, as portrayed in the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy with his No. 1 hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

The bar, Gilley’s, where the movie was filmed, is no longer around but Billy Bob’s Texas is.

“Gilly’s and Billy Bob’s are the two quintessential Texas honky tonks. They were great big ole places where people came to do the two-step and chase girls,” said a laughing Daniels.

Now, with more than 50 years under his belt, multiple Grammy, CMA, ACM and GMA awards, Daniels and his band is set to release a new CD/DVD, “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas.”

“Most of the time, what’s on that record is the length of the set we play, the same songs that we play, so we just came in and we did the same show we’ve been doing all year long,” he said.

In typical Charlie Daniels fashion, the CD embraces several genres including; rock, gospel and blues.

“That’s what we do. We don’t stick to any certain types of music,” he said.

Dainels says there’s no stopping what he does and he has more than 100 tour dates booked.

“Every night when we drive the bus over to the gig and I get off and go in to do my meet and greet and I’m standing in the wings of the stage waiting to go on, that’s my time of night. That’s what I come for,” Daniels explained.

Along with his passion for work, the legend said it’s no secret what keeps him going.

“I am happily married, I love people, I love the Lord,” he said.

“Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” CD and DVD will be released October 16.

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