Abandoned homes replaced with new ones in Sylvan Heights

Sylvan Heights
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – New homes are springing up in place of abandoned properties in Sylvan Heights.

In 2014, neighbors contacted News 2 to complain about two rundown homes on Chamberlin Street.

At the time, neighbor Kevin Warren said they were a nuisance and magnets for crime.

After police were called to the neighborhood several times, many people living on the street told News 2 they no longer felt safe in their own community.

Then along came potential buyers, lots of them, according to Warren.
Sylvan Heights
He told us after the story aired, homeowners began receiving calls and letters from people wanting to purchase the properties.

The two abandoned homes were torn down to make way for redevelopment. On Wednesday, new homes have been built in their place.

“We’d heard it was up and coming and a good place for new home buyers. We actually found out about its history after we moved in,” said new homeowner Anne Marie Brennan.

Brennan and her husband relocated to Nashville from San Francisco and moved into their new home in May.

“We really don’t experience [crime] at all now. We haven’t had any incidents. We feel really lucky to have landed here,” said Brennan.

Sylvan Heights
Photo: WKRN

Andy Puckett lives a few houses down from Brennan. He moved into the neighborhood three years ago and was also concerned about criminal activity in the community.

Puckett recalls seeing police in the neighborhood before the abandoned homes were torn down but hasn’t seen any officers there since.

“It’s good that they’re not around and we feel safe here so we’re happy,” said Puckett.

New homes are springing up on other streets in Sylvan Heights. Neighbors say much of the redevelopment is spurred by growth along the Charlotte Pike corridor.

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