Nashville mayoral candidates Barry, Fox on similar paths until Election Day

Megan Barry David Fox
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With two days left before Nashville selects its next mayor, both candidates are knocking on doors in battleground precincts and showing up at as many public events as possible.

Both Megan Barry and David Fox have been spending a lot of time in predominantly African-American north Nashville.

It’s an area of major focus because neither received much of the black vote in the August election, which ultimately led to Thursday’s runoff election.

Megan Barry David Fox
Photo: WKRN

“I believe in the voters of Nashville,” Barry told reporters. “I believe they are going to see through a lot of what happened with the negative and they are going to go to the polls and they are going to invest in Nashville’s future.”

While Fox has complained of negative campaigning, something he claims was started by Barry, the mayoral candidate expressed confidence at a Monday event after the number of early voters was released over the weekend.

“It’s looking good right now,” Fox told a man he greeted at Labor Day Teamsters event in South Nashville.

“I really hope you stand up to your morals and your character,” the man told Fox. “Well, I am 54- years-old, I better right now,” replied Fox.

The former Metro Nashville School Board chair has been a door knocker as well in the waning days of this campaign.

“We will be doing that for the rest of the campaign until Thursday night,” Fox said Monday.

Barry, who is just finishing 8-years as an At-Large Metro Council member, has been talking about getting out the vote on Election Day.

“We know that at least half the people are going to show up on Election Day. This election is not over yet, so everyone needs to come out and vote,” she said.

The runoff election will be held on Thursday. Nearly 59,000 people cast their vote during early voting.

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