Metro Public Works survey identifies worst streets in Nashville

Nashville Road
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Public Works is close to getting the latest results of a pavement survey that tests the overall condition of Nashville’s roads.

Every year a survey is done on a section of the county’s roads.

The survey tests for density and also helps Metro Public Works know where money is best spent to keep roads in shape and areas where the road conditions are deteriorating.

The latest pavement testing was completed last month and the results are expected in mid-November.

The most recent survey completed last year showed that 39 percent of the roads in the surveyed section are in bad condition.

The survey also found that 28 percent of the roads are in excellent condition.
Drivers told News 2 the roads remain tricky for them following the damage done by the hard freeze this past winter.

“We already had some issues and now we are playing catch up even more hardcore,” Morgan Matens said. “We are seeing big problems that aren’t getting fixed and then smaller problems that are becoming bigger problems.”

Matens knows the roads well because, as part of her job with the Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck, she drives all around the county.

“We are trying to get to elementary schools all over Davidson County,” she said. “It’s hard not to jostle around in that truck and damage our equipment.”

She continued, “It is something we are always really aware of and it has gotten 10 times worse since the ice damage.”

But others tell News 2 it could be worse. The Gregory Buffalino is visiting Nashville from Sussex County, New Jersey.

“I think they are pretty good, not seeing many pot holes or cracks,” he said. “Back in New Jersey, we have frost in winter and there are lots of potholes.”

The last survey cost $284,000 to complete. Read: Current Condition Report

Metro Public works told News 2 the maintenance of the roads can also impact the county’s bond rating, which is like the municipality’s credit score.

That rating can impact how much money in interest the city pays when it takes out bonds for capital improvement projects.

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