Downtown after-hours club padlocked, deemed public nuisance

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police padlocked an after-hours club in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning calling it a “public nuisance.”

Officers investigated City Dreams Gentlemen’s Club, also known as the City Ultra Lounge, is located at 701 Fourth Avenue South and owned by Ronald Stanley Sr.

The business was reportedly promoting illegal activities for months, including lewdness, drug use and unlawful alcohol sales.

Click here to view photos from the scene.

A temporary injunction issued by the criminal court clerk prohibits Stanley, who was arrested, or anyone associated with the business from entering until a hearing on Sept. 11.

Metro Codes Sexually Oriented Business Licensing Board contacted police and claimed the club was circumventing licensing restrictions by offering unregulated, unlicensed adult entertainment and failing to operate as a private club.

Undercover officers conducted investigations of the business in May and August where they reportedly observed partially-undressed women dancing on a stage with poles while patrons threw money on the stage toward the dancers. Police received numerous calls to the business beginning in August 2014, including shootings, assaults and closing a public street and directing traffic without a permit.

Detectives stated marijuana was smoked openly by patrons inside the club. The investigation included a search of  the club and Stanley’s home on Wildwood Drive in south Nashville. Police said they found more than 17 pounds of marijuana, cocaine, a pistol and $43,321.

Ronald Stanley, Sr. (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)
Ronald Stanley, Sr. (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

“The drug use was prevalent inside the business and obviously this is the result of several months of merely asking a business to comply with civil and criminal law. It’s a big effort, it’s time consuming, but for the overall quality of life in the downtown area we think it’s a worthwhile effort,” said Captain Mike Alexander with the Metro Police Specialized Investigations Division.

Metro police reported Stanley was informed by the Metro Codes Sexually Oriented Licensing Board that allegations had been made of unlawful activity, which he denied.

Metro Codes Sexually Oriented Business Licensing Board reported women approached the board seeking permits to perform adult entertainment at the club, though City Dreams is not permitted or licensed to allow adult entertainment.

Stanley has been previously arrested in Davidson County for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, sale of a Schedule II controlled substance, multiple assaults, evading arrest, resisting arrest, theft of property and credit card fraud.

Detectives alleged City Dreams owes $582.71 in back property taxes.

Stanley was arrested at the club Sunday morning and pulled his shirt over his head so the media couldn’t see his face. He was charged with possession of marijuana for resale and unlawful gun possession. His bond was set at $90,000.

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