Lawrence County teen recovering after football injury

(Photo: WKRN)

LORETTO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A football player for Loretto High School said the scariest thing about being injured during a game Friday night and being air-lifted from the field was the possibility of never playing again.

Devan Sharp, a football player for the Loretto Mustangs, said he can’t live without football. “My special moments are every time I get to touch the field. It’s just, It’s kind of home,” the 17-year-old told News 2.

Sharp calls the field his safe place, but one minute he was playing and the next he was being loaded onto a helicopter. The incident is somewhat of a blur for the junior wide receiver and defensive back.

“All I remember is someone coming up from behind me and hitting me and being on the ground. I don’t really remember much,” he said. What Sharp does remember is that he couldn’t move his body.

“My legs and stuff weren’t working, and I couldn’t really move my upper body,” he recalled, but that changed as he was being carried to the helicopter on a stretcher.

(Courtesy: Mustangs TV)
(Courtesy: Mustangs TV)

“Over the noise of the helicopter and stuff, when I raised my hand, it sounded like everybody went crazy, bleachers rattling, felt good,” Sharp told News 2.

He was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center as the community continued to show their support.

“A lot of people have been praying for me and stuff. It’s really working. I can kind of wiggle my toes and stuff so it’s coming back,” said Sharp.

He plans to be out to the field all week to support his teammates during practices.

“My team is amazing and I can’t wait to be back out here with them,” he said, hopeful he’ll make it to the game Friday whether playing or cheering from the sidelines.

Sharp has follow-up appointments all week and doctors believe he may have a concussion, but they said he should make a full recovery.


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