Mississippi trooper tosses ticket after kind gesture from Nashville driver

(Photo: WJTV)

BATESVILLE, Miss. (WKRN) – A speeding ticket given to a Nashville man turned into a viral story that just keeps getting better.

When Mike Powers was pulled over for speeding he had no idea it would change his life.

“It gives me a lot of faith and hope,” said Powers, who was traveling for business when he spoke to News 2.

Mike Powers
Mike Powers (Photo: WKRN)

Trooper Jason Ales gave Powers the speeding ticket on a Mississippi highway, but what happened next had them both in tears.

“As he was walking away, I had a feeling I should ask him how he was feeling and how his day was,” Powers explained.

The two talked about all of the recent officer shootings, and then Powers decided to give the trooper a wooden bracelet with saints and Jesus on it.

“With the stuff going on with officers, I mean that was so positive, we needed that, I needed that,” Trooper Jason Ales told News 2’s siter station WJBTV.

“He started tearing up, I started tearing up and as he was walking away he said don’t worry about it. I said what do you mean? He said its voided, don’t worry about it,” said Powers.

Officer Ales voided the ticket, and that’s when Powers decided to take the gesture even further.

“He did me a service by voiding the ticket so I figured I would give it to somebody that needed it more,” he explained.

Courtesy: Kellum Kim

Powers pulled over and searched charities in Mississippi. He decided to donate the amount of money for the ticket to Palmer Home for Children.

“We seek to serve children. We seek to restore hope in the lives of these children who come from unimaginable situations,” Kellum Kim told News 2.

She posted a photo of the kids whose life he touched on his Facebook, which also went viral.

“He called me about 2 minutes after posting that and said I’m in tears, that’s just amazing,” explained Kim.

“That was probably the coolest thing out of everything that happened,” said Powers.

The gesture of the wooden bracelet will hopefully inspire even more stories.

Trooper Ales said it is now hanging in his patrol car.

“It’s ahead of me and I guess it’s watching over me and my patrol car at all times,” he said.

Now Powers and Ales have a friendship. Powers said the two plan to start a charity, selling the bracelets with half of the proceeds going to families of fallen soldiers and the other half to orphanages.

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