State senator attacked by dog in Springfield

(Courtesy: Smokey Barn News)

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) – A state senator was on a bike ride with his wife when he was attacked by a dog Wednesday.

The attack sent Senator Kerry Roberts to the hospital where he received 12 stitches, Smokey Barn News reports.

Roberts’ stopped short when they approached a group of a bout five dogs between Highway 49 and 439 near the Kentucky state line.

(Courtesy: Smokey Barn News)
(Courtesy: Smokey Barn News)

“When it was clear that the dog was charging and I knew I couldn’t get away from him, I stopped so he would go after me and not my wife Dianne,” said Roberts.

The senator said he has never seen a dog that aggressive. “As I maneuvered to get the bike in between me and the dog, it lunged, I didn’t have time to get my foot free of the pedal,” said Roberts.

“I tried using my wheel to get him off, I tried spraying him with the water bottle, I even threw the water bottle at him but he would not let go of my leg,” Roberts told Smokey Barn News.

A pickup truck with a loud exhaust approached the scene and was a distraction for the dog. The driver of the truck helped the Roberts with their bikes and took them back to their car.

The dog had its shots and they were up to date, but will still be watched for rabies. Animal Control Officials said the dog’s electronic leash battery may have gone dead.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.



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