Peyton Manning considers coaching Vols after retiring from NFL

Peyton Manning
(AP Photo)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Butch Jones doesn’t need to watch out for his job, but Mike DeBord might. Thursday on recording that aired on The Dan Patrick Show, Manning said if Tennessee offered him a quarterback coaching position he would take it.

“Are you more likely to be a coach or a broadcaster when you’re done,” asked Dan Patrick on the show. “I’m not sure about how good I would be at either,” responded Manning.

Manning said he likes teaching football, especially at his football camps. He said he enjoys talking about football and teaching skills he has learned as a quarterback throughout the years.

“What if Tennessee calls and says we need a quarterback coach, I mean you can’t turn down your Alma mater,” Patrick goaded Manning.

“Quarterback coach I would do at Tennessee, head coach, absolutely not,” said Manning. “For whatever reason, people in Tennessee like me right now, man, I don’t know why. But if I’m head coach, cut that in half right away.”

Manning said as quarterback coach he could stay under the radar. He joked that if he got his quarterback to throw a lot of completions, he would probably stay in good favor.

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