Mayoral candidates David Fox, Megan Barry meet for final debate

megan berry and david fox
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After months of campaigning, Nashville mayoral candidates Megan Barry and David Fox met for the final debate before next Thursday’s election.

The forum, which was held Thursday night at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, focused on issues that impact the African-American community: crime, unemployment, economic development, education and transportation, among other things.

The black vote will be critical for success in next week’s election.

Neither Barry nor Fox did very well in predominantly black precincts in the general election in August.

So both candidates are hoping their message resonates.

“We have some really unacceptable gaps in Nashville,” Fox told News 2 after the forum. “Gaps in academic performance, gaps in socioeconomic wages. And as mayor, I will do everything I can to close these gaps. That’s where my passion is. That’s why I was on the school board. That’s why I’m running for mayor.”

“There’s a lot of opportunity to make sure that working families get a wage that supports them,” said Barry. “And there’s a lot of opportunity to make sure that our Metro government is reflective of our African-American population and making sure that African-Americans have access to all the contracts and also diversity throughout Metro.”

The run-off election is September 10. Early voting ends Saturday.

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