Parent claims Dickson County school board ‘blew off’ harassment allegations


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dickson County Middle School parents said the school board hasn’t thoroughly investigated reports of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

About 10 parents showed up at Thursday night’s school board meeting, but only one had officially signed up to speak.

Kevin Stringer was that parent. He said a seventh grade football player sexually harassed and bullied his sixth-grade son in the locker room one day.

“He said to my son, ‘if you don’t shut the f— up, I’m going to rape you,’” said Stringer. “You know how kids that age are, they’re just trying to impress somebody but still, it doesn’t mean it’s right.”

According to Stringer, after the incident occurred he went to the school board to report it but said they blew him off. He isn’t alone.

The school’s former assistant football coach told News 2 he was fired after reporting to the school board what he heard was happening in the locker room: racial epithets, male-on-male sexual harassment and bullying.

“It was brought to my attention and I did what a dad, and a coach and a police officer should’ve done,” said Lt. Shane Dunning. “And I’ve been punished for it. They fired me.”

Dunning has field a lawsuit in Dickson Circuit Court against the school board and his attorney said more parents are coming forward. They plan to file a federal lawsuit soon.

News 2 asked for comment from the Director of Schools. He initially said no but when asked about the allegations he made a statement.

“We’d like to work with any parent who brings concerns to us,” said Director of Schools Danny Weeks. “We take all those concerns very seriously because student safety is very important to us and we want to make sure those investigations are handled appropriately and handled completely.”

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