Trump scores big at rousing Mobile rally

(Courtesy: WKRG)

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – In a venue known for football, Donald Trump received a rousing ovation from the Alabama crowd for his 55-minute long speech in Mobile on Friday night.

In his highly-anticipated rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, Trump — the current front-runner for the Republican nomination for President — spoke about his plans to “make America great again” in front of a half-filled stadium crowd in Mobile.

The official attendance estimate for the event was 18,000 people.

“You know we are leading in every poll.” Trump said. “We’re leading in just about every state including Alabama.”

Perhaps Trump’s biggest touchdown of the night came from a new Republican teammate. U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, considered a GOP leader for his immigration policies, ran on stage at Trump’s request and supported the media mogul.

“Donald, welcome to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama,” Sessions said.

“Thank you for the work you’re putting into the immigration issue,” Sessions said. “I’m really impressed with your plan. I know it will make a difference and this crowd shows that a lot of people agree with that.”

Trump’s call to invite Sessions on stage was just as accommodating.

“i will say this we do have a great politician here,” Trump said. “We have a man here who really helped me. He is the one man who I sought his council because he is so spot-on and and so highly respected. Has anyone heard of Senator Jeff Sessions?”

Trump then stuck a jab at the other politicians in Washington.

“We have politicians who don’t have a clue,” Trump proclaimed. “They’re all talk, they’re no action. What’s happening to this country is disgraceful.”

During the rally one person was taken away in handcuffs for sprinting onto the field. Witnesses say he was chanting support for Senator Bernie Sanders, who is soaring in the Democratic polls in his challenge to Hillary Clinton.

The protester though, didn’t trump the Trump momentum. To no one’s surprise, Trump brought his entertaining ego along with him on stage.

“Nationally, we’re just absolutely way ahead of everybody else,” Trump said.” In fact, if this were another country we could maybe call for an expedited election. Right? I’d love that. Can we do that? I’d like to have the election tomorrow. I don’t want to wait.”

“I don’t want money from lobbyists …. I don’t want your money because in two years when you come to see me about something I’m not doing it unless it’s good and unless it’s gonna make America great again.”

Trump drew loud cheers when he repeated his promise to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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