Nashville cab drivers allowed back on Broadway

Cab driver protest downtown Broadway

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After days of protesting recent changes that are part of a pilot program to increase pedestrian safety in downtown Nashville, cab drivers are now allowed back on Broadway.

The pilot program included blocking the parking lanes on either side of the busy thoroughfare, disallowing cab drivers from dropping off and picking up customers. Taxi stands were then established on Second and Fourth Avenues instead.

Cab drivers from many different agencies protested, driving their taxis through the busy downtown streets.

PHOTOS: Nashville taxi cab protest

The city responded on Thursday, allowing taxi drivers back on Broadway that evening. The change came after a meeting between Metro Public Works, the traffic commission, and police department.

Billy Fields, director of the Transportation Licensing Commission of Metro Public Works, told News 2 they’re continuing to evaluate the situation.

Fields told News 2 safety is the number one priority and wants to remind people it is a pilot program.

He said more changes will be made before anything becomes a permanent ordinance.

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