McEwen does ALS challenge to support teammate’s dad

Photo: WKRN

McEWEN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Everyone in McEwen knows everyone, and when something happens, they all pitch in to help.

Such is the case for Nathan Stuart, who was diagnosed with ALS.

Stuart’s son Travis plays for the McEwen Warriors football team, and the Warriors decided to help bring awareness to the situation by doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.

They challenged several high schools from around the area and hope to get support for their teammate’s situation that hits close to home for everyone.

Aric Burkett, a teammate, said, “It’s real personal to our team and cause it’s a small town and all and we got Travis Stuart. That’s Travis’s dad. He’s on our team, he’s a big part of our team, and it’s a big inspiration to still be playing football and stuff when his dad’s in that condition.”

Travis, Nathan’s Stuart’s son, told News 2, “It makes it very easy. It makes it easy on us at some points then others. It just makes you feel proud of what you got as a town.”

“All the coaches were behind it 110 percent. It was kind of the talk of the school today, that everyone was excited about it,” said Jerry Wright, assistant coach.

McEwen opens the season next Friday against Grace Christian Academy.

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