Sexual education offered as elective in Dickson County

High School Lockers Generic
(AP Photo)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Students have the power to decide if they want to enroll in sexual education courses in Dickson County.

Nikki Akins, one of the sex-ed instructors at Dickson County Senior High School, said they try to give students information that helps them make good decisions, and the course always starts by teaching abstinence.

From there, the curriculum covers male and female anatomy. “We focus more on just facts,” said Akins.

The right information helps students clarify what they may learn through rumors and friends.

“You’ll deal with things that they’ve heard and what is the truth about that. And giving them information to help them make better choices, good choices, and think about long term consequences,” said Akins.

Those life-long consequences may not be front and center in the halls of the high school, but the class serves as a reminder, and in a way – a forum.

Akins says the students “appreciate that they have a place and have someone to talk to.”

At the critical age of a high school student, talking and discussion can do a lot.

The school has offered the elective for 30 years.

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