Puppy stolen from 10-year-old boy in own front yard

(Courtesy: The Corbett family)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville couple says their 10-week-old pitbull puppy was stolen off its leash while their young son was walking him.

KC Corbett said he told his 10-year-old son to take the pup, Boomer, for a walk outside their home on Ezell Pike.

“Five minutes later he ran inside and said, ‘Dad someone stole Boomer!'” said Corbett. “I ran out after I asked him if he was okay. I got in my car and tried to find them but I couldn’t get to them. By the time I got to Harding Place I lost them.”

According to Corbett’s son Khalik, he was walking the puppy on Ezell Pike when two men in a rust-colored car pulled up beside him. He said one of the men got out and started asking questions.

“Are you all breeding sometime? How old is he? Stuff like that,” said Khalik.

The man, who Khalik described as a white man with a dark beard and short dark hair, bent down to pet the pup. “He reached down, took off the leash and drove off. “

Khalik ran inside and told his parents that someone had stolen Boomer.

“We thought he was playing at first,” said Khalik’s mom Angie Corbett. “Then we noticed his face and he had just completely fallen apart, he was sobbing.”

The Corbetts said they just want the dog back but need the public’s help. Anyone with information is urged to contact Metro police.

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