Parking solutions sought as downtown Nashville grows

Downtown Nashville Broadway Generic
(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — If you’ve paid for a parking spot in downtown Nashville lately, there’s a good chance it wasn’t cheap.

Parking prices keep going up, bringing more frustration for people trying to enjoy downtown, but what can be done to get the prices under control?

On a busy concert or sports night, private surface lots can charge around $30 or more for a single spot.

The Music City Center brought 1,800 new parking spots to Nashville, but don’t expect a bargain just because it’s city-owned.      

Special event parking can go up to $25.

A cost that can price some families out of enjoying all that downtown has to offer.

News 2 took the issue to the two people running for mayor to find out what they plan to do.

Both candidates say mass transit is key.

“Yeah I mean I was downtown about two nights ago and paid $24 for an hour. Ha. So I know we have an issue when it comes to the price of parking. And you know we have a large municipal garage being built on Church Street. And that’ll help. That’s going to add a lot of capacity. But by in large, I think we are going to have to kind of become accustomed to fairly fully-priced parking, especially until we improve our mass transit and our public transit so people can take advantage of other ways of getting downtown,” said David Fox.

“We have to have better mass transit to get people in and out easily. But in the meantime, you’ve got to have a place to park your car. And in order to park your car, you’ve got to have some place that’s affordable. So what we’re going to do is work specifically on the metro-owned parking lots to make sure that we can have that option. We do that with the sounds game. We have some affordable parking and then you get shuttled to the event. But there’s I think an option to do that in other places,” said Megan Barry.

There is not a cap on how much a private company can charge for a parking spot.

News 2 was able to find some affordable parking downtown, but it’s limited.

The Nashville Public Library garage costs around $5 and maxes out at $8 for special event parking.

The public square garage under the Metro courthouse will cost you around $10 during special events.

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