2 teens arrested after robbery, shots fired at off-duty officer

Couple robbed downtown
Sedrick Stevenson (L) and Ladonte Harney (R)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two teenagers were arrested early Thursday morning after police say they attempted to rob a couple downtown before firing shots at an off-duty officer.

Ladonte Harney and Sedric Stevenson, both 19, now face two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated assault and evading arrest.

The duo approached a couple on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge around 1 a.m. and robbed them, police said. They then took off on foot.

The couple asked a nearby bystander to use his phone to call police, but the bystander happened to be Officer Andre Sanders, who was off duty at the time.

Sanders began following the suspects while calling police.

Authorities said Harney and Stevenson noticed the officer was following them and fired shots in his direction near the Ramada Inn by Nissan Stadium.

Metro police arrived quickly and were able to take the 19 year olds into custody. They said Officer Sanders was armed but never brandished or fired his weapon.

Both teens were booked into the Metro jail. Harney is being held in lieu of $507,500 bond. Stevenson’s is set at $505,000.

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