Rattlesnake caught after slithering into Spring Hill Home Depot

Home Depot rattlesnake

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – An unwelcome guest made its way into the Home Depot store in Spring Hill.

A wild life control worker captured video of a timber rattlesnake with a GoPro camera as he caught it after it slithered into the store.

Store general manager TJ Thompson told News 2 the snake was in the gardening area.

“It was actually in the outside gardening department, which is actually an annex to the outside of the building so it was removed from the interior of the store. It was easy to block the two doors and explain to people we have a reptile in the garden area, but we ask that you be patient while we figure out what to do with it,” said Thompson.

Timber rattlesnakes are native to Middle Tennessee and are venomous.

The wildlife animal control worker who captured the snake believes it traveled from a field behind the store into the gardening center.

Thompson told News 2 the situation was handled quickly.

“It is an aggressive animal; you want to call in a professional to handle something like that, not something any of our associates should handle. Luckily the response time was really quick, they were able to capture the snake. Nobody got hurt; everyone made it out okay, customers, associates and the animal itself,” said Thompson.

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